Over 55 guitars and stringed instruments wantonly deployed in a desperate quest to embrace this tentative life.

The Artists

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Ted Fay

Vocals, Guitars, Ukelin, Violakalele, Cello, Accordion, Piano, Bass, Percussion
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Rich Cook

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Brenden Paulsen

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Justin Drysdale

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Jim Haendiges

  1. Your Hand in Mine - Part 2 EXIT 3:40
  2. UPS (Lay off) EXIT 3:11
  3. Walls Fall EXIT 3:18
  4. Lightning Strikes EXIT 3:33
  5. Dancing on our Graves EXIT 3:02
  6. What I Want EXIT 1:26
  7. Brainhammer EXIT 2:46
  8. Money EXIT 5:38
  9. Still Tryin' EXIT 3:28
  10. Heaven EXIT 4:28


The early-to-midlife solo crisis of Ted Fay, along with a plethora of drums by Rich Cook, some bass by Brenden Paulsen and a smattering of guitars by Justin Drysdale, along with a pinch more drums by Jim Haendiges, makes for a powerful and compelling reason to throw your arms up on an open highway with the top down.

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